The World Crazy Golf Champions...


The World Crazy Golf Championship took place in England over the weekend

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

02:48 12 Jun 2023

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While Irish focus may have been on Rory McIlroy's disappointing run at the Canadian Open this weekend, the World Crazy Golf Championship was taking place in England.

250 players took part in the competition in East Sussex, dubbed the "Battle of Hastings".

There's now a push from competitors to get the game into the Olympics.

The brilliantly named, Josh 'The Wonder from Down Under' Mars doesn't think it's an impossible dream:

"It'd be great, I believe 'Break Dance' actually got in before us. "

"We were trying to get into the 2032 Olympics which is actually Brisbane, my home town. So we just missed out but it's a world game, why wouldn't it be?"

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