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Learner driver described by instructor as 'worse than shite' among RSA complaints

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

01:57 6 Jun 2023

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A series of formal complaints to the RSA concerning driving instructors include a student being asked 'who's your daddy' by their instructor 15 times.

In another incident - an instructor got out of the car at the end of a lesson, walked up to the student's mother and told her the learner had driven 'worse than shite'.

The records, released under the Freedom of Information Act show another ADI in his 60s told a 22-year-old that “girls on their period never do well in their driving test” because they “get flustered”.

They're among 128 complaints received by the road safety authority about driving instructors last year, seven times higher than in 2021.

Another complaint alleges “vulgar language” and “excessive displays of force” by an ADI, saying things like “For f**k sake,” and “Are you slow or something?”

While several complaints were made in relation to inappropriate touching or sexual harassment.

The Mirror reports "a female driver reported her instructor to the RSA for putting his hand on her knee to give her a “massage”. He also made comments about her body and “told her about his sexual experience”, she alleged in the complaint."

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