73-year-old Cork man still try...


73-year-old Cork man still trying after failing driving test 21 times

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

11:27 20 Jun 2023

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Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

A 73-year-old Cork man is attempting to get his full driving licence after failing twenty one times already.

Ray Heffernan told the Irish Independent he's an excellent driver and far safer than a lot of other motorists.

He has been driving for over 50 years and says he has never caused an accident and has no penalty points.

Testers have failed him in recent times for general road observation and use of mirrors.

Mr. Heffernan has previously been called "Ireland's worst driver" by some on social media, but insists he knows in his "heart and soul" he's a good driver and the "truth will triumph" in the end.

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