Man in Finland gets €121,000 s...


Man in Finland gets €121,000 speeding ticket

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

03:42 6 Jun 2023

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Image via Wikimedia Commons

You think €160 and 3 penalty points is bad?

A man in Finland has received a speeding ticket worth an eye-watering 121-thousand euro.

Anders Wiklof was clocked at 32 kilometres per hour over the limit in the country,

'32 kilometers?', we hear you say, "why so much money?".

Well, unlike Ireland where fines are generally fixed when it comes to speeding - Finland uses a system that bases fines around a person's income.

The ticket was issued over the weekend, and Mr. Wiklof told local media he "really regrets the matter."

And it's not even his first time - Anders has previously been slapped with fines worth 63,000 and later 95,000 euro for speeding.

Expensive days out...

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