Gen-Z workers say they're baff...


Gen-Z workers say they're baffled by phrases like 'bite the bullet'

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

10:46 5 May 2023

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If you've been left baffled by some of your younger colleagues and the phrases they use, it turns out it works both ways!

Forget your struggles with everything 'slaying' and 'popping off', your junior co-workers are just confused.

Some young workers say they feel left out in the workplace as they struggle to understand older bosses.

A survey by Rethinkly, found over 4 in 10 of Gen Zs, say they're baffled by common phrases such as 'flogging a dead horse' and 'rule of thumb'.

Other idioms on the list include 'cut the mustard' and 'throw in the towel'.

The Top 10:

  1. Flogging a dead horse
  2. Rule of thumb
  3. Back to the salt mines
  4. Take the bull by its horns
  5. Cut the mustard
  6. What’s the beef?
  7. Let sleeping dogs lie
  8. Burn the midnight oil
  9. Throw in the towel
  10. Bite the bullet

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