Golfer 'bit the nose off' his...


Golfer 'bit the nose off' his competitor in on course argument

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

01:46 4 Dec 2022

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The nose is yet to be found

A golfer from Mississippi 'bit the nose off' his opponent in an on-field argument.

Unilad reports officials were told that two sportsmen were arguing over a game of golf.

And the brawl took place in a carpark nearby.

Mark Wells, 51, is suspected of the crime and could face up to seven years behind bars if convicted.

After Wells turned himself in, he was then charged with 'felony mayhem'.

It's defined as the 'crime committed with the intent to kill in which the suspect mutilates, disfigures, disables or destroys someone's tongue, eye, lip, nose, limb or another body part'.

Bay St Louis Police Chief Toby Schwartz said: "The investigation determined that suspect, Mark Curtis Wells, bit the nose off of the victim."

Local station WXXV-25 reported that the nose is yet to be found.

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