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Guinness World Record set by Radio DJ after being 71 years on-air

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

12:58 15 Mar 2023

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Do you think any of our iRadio presenters will be on-air for 71 years?!

Radio microphone

85-year-old Mary McCoy has set the Guinness World Record for the longest career on radio.

The Texas based DJ has spent 71 years presenting shows on the airwaves, - starting her career at the age of 12.

She first started working at a local station called KMCO in 1951.

Now, at the age of 85, she presents a country music show SIX days a week on KVST K-Star Country.

McCoy was also an accomplished singer back in her day, which led to her radio break after being discovered on stage.

She even shared a concert with Elvis Presley and his band back in 1955.

The Guinness World Record previously belonged to a radio DJ who had served 68 years on-air.

McCoy is less than two weeks shy of being in broadcast radio for 72 years in total.

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