Marathon runner disqualified a...


Marathon runner disqualified after using a car during race

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

01:39 19 Apr 2023

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Work smarter, not harder

Image via Pixabay

We all managed to smash personal bests during our Covid 5ks, legitimatley or not, but this is taking it a bit far!

An ultra-marathon runner has been disqualified from a race in England, for using a car during part of the route.

Joasia Zakrzewski finished third in the 50 mile race from Manchester to Liverpool earlier this month.

However, the BBC reports the 47-year-old from Scotland, is thought to have travelled by car for 2.5 miles after GPX mapping data revealed she covered a mile of the race in just one minute 40 seconds.

A friend said Ms Zakrzewski had felt sick and was sorry for any upset caused.

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