Black Friday 2018 is only days away but the deals have already begun.

The shops are sure to be busy on Black Friday

Your inbox is probably pinging nonstop with offers as retailers gear up for the event on Friday 23rd November.

Most of us have heard of Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, but have you ever wondered where the name comes from?

The Friday part should be obvious but where does the ‘Black’ come from in Black Friday?

It began decades ago when, in the weeks coming up to Black Friday, retailers’ accounts would have been “in the red”. This meant they were not generating a profit, and this was often indicated by their accountants using a red pen.

However, after an influx in sales after Thanksgiving, they would be generating profit again, and no longer “in the red”, instead being “in the black”, i.e. generating a profit.

Cyber Monday

The temptation of Cyber Monday

So, what’s the story with Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday, which takes place this year on Monday 26th November, is another day of sales but they’re mostly online.

It was created by marketing companies only 13 years ago to encourage people to shop online.

However, there will still be some deals in stores.

It’s worth mentioning that Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t the only days you’ll find bargains. The sales will continue throughout the weekend.