New documentary digs into the...


New documentary digs into the dark side of online dating

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

08:14 4 Oct 2023

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An investigation into the horrors of online dating!

Fools for love credited RTE

Presenter Aoife Moore delves deep into the many challenges women face in the modern romance of online dating apps.

'Fools for love' airs on RTE tonight and discusses topics such as, sexual assault, unwanted explicit images, romance scams, and revenge porn.

Aoife speaks to real victims, Gardai, psychologists, and even shares her own experiences with online abuse.

When asked what demographic is most affected, Aoife said she is most concerned for 40,50,60-year-old women as "they are more vulnerable to scams."

She also said dating apps can make people "very disposable" and describes romance scams as insidious saying that "they can really leave a mark on a person."

You can listen to the full chat with Aoife Moore on The Hub with Louise Clarke after 8pm this evening.

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