Would you walk down the aisle wearing a pair of these?

Forget the painful heels.

For most of her wedding day a bride will be on her feet, which can result in a painful blister or two…

Unfortunately, that’s just part of life as a bride, you aren’t going to stroll down the isle in your most comfortable pair of ugly slippers are you?

But what if you could look stylish and wear comfortable shoes on your special day?

Converse’s wedding range is here to save the day.

With their stunning range of sparkly sequin covered chic designs, the bride and her bridal party can rest easy the night before knowing they’ll be comfortable on their feet all day long.

The range also includes various different styles of Converse, from high top trainers, to platforms and plimsoles and more luxe, leather options.

Plus, the groom isn’t forgotten about either with plenty of suitable options for the lads.

Grooms are sorted too.

Unfortunately, the wedding range is only officially being released in the US.

But you can get still your hands on a pair from the likes of, including ASOS, Schuh and Office.

Lucky US shoppers, can even get the designs customised to include things like names and the date – lets hope that happens here too.

The trainer brand’s website reads: “Tie the knot in style and comfort in a fresh pair of Converse wedding sneakers, available in white, black and metallic colours for your entire wedding party. Give your nuptials a step up.

“Constructed with the latest and most innovative shoe technologies, Converse are built for all-day wear, so you can dance late into your wedding night in complete comfort.”

We’re sold!