Goats removed from mountain as...


Goats removed from mountain as they're craving human urine & sweat

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

07:00 3 Oct 2018

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You have goat to be kidding!


Hundreds of mountain goats in the US are being airlifted out of a park because their weird cravings are getting them into trouble.

The goats in Olympic National Park in Washington have a bizarre fondness for human urine and sweat.

Their addiction to the salt and minerals found in wee and sweat means they're a danger to hikers, often charging at them.

The goats were introduced to the area almost a century ago, before people started walking the hills...and urinating on them.

Image Credit: The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times reports that there's been a string of complaints about menacing goats over the years, with park officials urging walkers not to wee along trails as it's attracting the animals.

Approximately 375 goats will be airlifted to remote forests in the North Cascades, where they'll be less of a nuisance.

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