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Google reveal the top things Irish people searched in 2023

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

03:22 11 Dec 2023

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We're still none the wiser on what a barter account is

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We're feeling very exposed today as Google has revealed the most popular searches of 2023.

The Rugby World Cup, the Women's World cup in Australia, Ryan Tubridy and Smash Burgers were some of the most Googled terms this year.

In Google's annual list of the most frequent searches, 'How to claim rent tax credit' and 'How to solve a Rubik's cube' featured.

Pornstar Martini, Viking Toast and Marry Me Chicken were among the recipes we wanted more info on.

There's no shock that in the 'Movies' category Oppenheimer and Barbie were in the top sports respectively, with Banshees of Inisherin coming in third place.

What is a barter account, what is Botulism and how to get Coldplay tickets were some of the questions we asked Google in 2023.

The 'People' category reveals the likes of Philip Schofield, Ryan Tubridy and Patrick Kielty as all three presenters were in the headlines this year.

However Google's Julie Dilger says Irish people were also keen for information on some of the legends we lost this year.

Sinead O'Connor topped the 'Losses' category, closely followed by Shane MacGowan and Christy Dignam.

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