People who work from home may...


People who work from home may be eating an extra 800 calories

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

05:23 26 Sep 2023

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Photo via Pexels

People who work from home could be eating an extra 800 calories a day and walking 3,500 fewer steps.

2,000 hybrid workers were asked to take note of what they ate and track to their activity using a Fitbit or Apple Watch.

On average, those who worked from home consumed 2,752 calories, compared to 1, 961 during a typical day when they travelled to the office.

Researchers at MyFitnessPal say working remotely can lead to less healthy lifestyle choices due to a feeling of comfort and a lack of routine, according to the Daily Mail.

Although working from home has many benefits, it may result in some lazy habits such as lying in, staying in your pajamas all day, and reaching for snacks.

36% of people admitted to eating when they are not hungry and 30% said they do no get dressed until lunchtime.

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