We suspect PS. I Love You will get a fair bit of use this weekend.

Perfect for a weekend under the duvet.

With Storm Dennis threatening to rudely ruin our valentine’s weekend, we’ll just have to make other plans that involve the indoors.

And Netflix has provided us the [perfect excuse not to leave the house.

The streaming services has revealed all the secret codes needed to find all the rom-coms and relationship dramas you can handle.

Simply log into Netlfix as normal and choose from one of the Valentine’s themed sub-genres below.

Once you’ve typed the code in, a selection of films will appear and you can choose from the narrowed down list. We can’t wait to start cracking through these!

Valentine’s Day films – 50117

Valentine’s Day favourites – 1952249

Romantic – 100052

Romantic favourites – 502

Feel-good romantic films – 35714

Feel-good romantic comedies – 35797

Comedies for hopeless romantics – 81506

Romantic comedies – 54

Steamy romantic films – 35800

Romantic teen films – 1764

We can’t wait to test these out!