Half of all hate crimes relate...

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Half of all hate crimes related to race.

Oonagh O'Carroll
Oonagh O'Carroll

09:31 8 May 2024

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Over 50 per cent of hate crimes reported to Gardai in 2023 were related to race or nationality.

File photo of Gardaí at a checkpoint, 9-4-20 File photo of Gardaí at a checkpoint, 9-4-20. Image: Barry Cronin/Alamy

That's according to figures released by the force this morning which show the number of crimes reported was up by 12 per cent.

Over one in three reports were race related while there were a growing number of reports related to the victim's nationality.

Community Engagement Officer, Chief Superintendent Padraic Jones says they are aware of the rise of anti migrant crimes and they are tackling them.

'Well certainly in a wider context I think it's reflective of what's happening in Ireland at the moment.  It's something that we're very much aware of and not complacent about and seeking to ensure that we can provide the best service possible to a community if they are unfortunate enough to be subject to this type of incident or hate crime.'

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