The spot headlight will finally be shining on you.

Sometimes when two things meet, neither is ever the same again.

Think when cheese met onion…when toast met butter…and when the chicken fillet met the roll.

And now, iRadio and Retro Drive-in Movies would like to introduce a brand new duo never to be the same again: Karaoke and cars…or ‘caraoke’ – the thing you never knew you needed.

Ireland’s biggest ever caraoke sing-a-long.

Here at iRadio we just can’t get enough of Retro Drive-in Movies, following sellout screenings over Halloween and Christmas, we’re setting up the word’s biggest outdoor LED screen at Ballybrit Racecourse in Galway once again.

This time for some sing-a-long fun.

And this wont be any old film sing-song either… We’re talking Ireland’s biggest EVER caraoke sing-a-long here!

And our show stoppers will be:

March 8th: Nobody puts baby in a corner! Things start off in the best way possible with Dirty Dancing at 9:15pm.

March 9th: Arguably the one of the biggest films Disney has ever produced, it’s the Frozen Sing-a-Long at 2:45pm!

It was one of the biggest films of 2018, get ready to cry your heart out with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born at 6pm.

Before you get a chance to sing your heart out to some of the most iconic songs of all time with Bohemian Rhapsody at 9pm.

March 10th: Retro Drive-in Movies is the greatest show in town… so it’s only fitting that we show The Greatest Showman at 6pm!

When it comes to films as amazing as A Star Is Born, once is just never enough. So it’s a second dose of the instant classic at 9pm.

Five perfect films to help you reach the perfect pitch.

All American snacks.

There will also be a feast of American food favourites including: Burgers, hot dogs, pizza, chips & dips and doughnuts.

We’re not drooling…you are.

So…where and when?

Same place, different time.

The Retro Drive-in Movies sing-a-long edition will take place on March 9th & 10th at Galway Racecourse, Ballybrit.

To book your spot, click HERE.