Alert your mates immediately.

If you could do with sneaking away for a couple of days, Ryanair has a deal for you.

The budget airline has just launched a massive seat sale and you can snare yourself a trip to London, Glasgow and Leeds for just €5 each way.

That’s €10 for return flights…unreal.

And if you want to go a little further abroad Cologne, Biarritz and Brussels are all coming in at a lowly €9.99 each way.

While Amsterdam comes in at an extortionate €16.99 each way and we’re talking €18.99 each way for a flight to Basel, Bari and Berlin.

As always, the cheapest options would mean flying mid-week, but we see no issue there to be honest.

The only catch is that you have to travel between February and June of this year.

However, you might want to act fast becaise presumably these prices wont hang around.

Check out the full list of fares here.