Polls open in two referendums...


Polls open in two referendums with almost 3.5 million citizens eligible to vote

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

08:10 8 Mar 2024

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Voters will get their say...

Photo via Pexels

Voters will take to the polls today, deciding on two proposed changes to the Constitution.

Polling opened at 7am and stations will close at 10pm.

You'll be given two ballot papers, the first on family and the second on care.

Your polling card has the information about which polling station you're registered to vote at.

In order to vote you must attend a polling station, provide valid ID and give your full name and address.

A stamped ballot will be provided by polling officials, containing short instructions on how to vote and details of the referendum proposals.

If you would like a little refresh, the link below will give you more of an insight into the proposed changes today.

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