Adults push children out of th...


Adults push children out of the way at Easter egg hunt in Ohio

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

12:24 9 Apr 2023

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Photo via Unsplash

A shopping centre in the US has issued an apology after adults pushed children out of the way at an Easter Egg hunt.

Some children left empty handed while others were knocked over as they searched for two thousand eggs.

The Greene Town Centre in Ohio hid over 2,000 eggs and there were 100 prizes to give away.

Organisers apparently also spent 90 minutes explaining the rules of the hunt.

One and two-year-olds children started the race first, followed by three and four-year-olds, and then all other attendees.

In a now reportedly removed Facebook post from the shopping centre, organisers said adults were not allowed to pick up any eggs, but still continued to do so.

The Centre hit out at, what it says was, "unacceptable behaviour", and that it struggled with "crowd control."






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