New Dominos in Maynooth has Pa...


New Dominos in Maynooth has Paul Mescal-inspired uniform

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

11:13 29 Mar 2023

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Paul Mescal, but it's pizza

Domino's Pizza has opened a new store in County Kildare but there's a twist.

The new pizza shop is located in Maynooth so they've taken uniform inspiration from a local.

It features white shorts similar to Paul Mescal's white GAA shorts that broke the internet when he wore them to Coachella last year.

So if you're still thirsting over *that* picture of Paul in his best O'Neil's white - a pizza in Maynooth sounds like just the ticket!

Chief Operating Officer of the new store George Bertram, told the Sunday World:

“Our new Domino’s store in Maynooth was the ideal location for the fashion shoot to reveal our new Spring Summer uniform, the Short Short, as an ode to local Gaelic Football, and our local Hollywood icon."

However, on social media, Domino's claim they don't know who Paul Mescal is - it's just a homage to the 'Normal People' of Maynooth.

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