Man who's kept an Easter Egg i...


Man who's kept an Easter Egg in the fridge for over 40 years still has no plans to eat it

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

11:12 6 Apr 2023

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A man from Louth kept an Easter egg in the fridge for more than 40 years because it was too nice to open.

The chocolate survived four decades and four different fridges.

John Gartlan says he still has no plans to eat it.

He describes what it is like:

"It was the general Easter egg that you'd generally see and to the left of it was a little furry kitten."

"It's probably aged a little bit now, but at the time it just looked like something out of this world."

"It was too good to open, it remained there till the next year and it's virtually remained there ever since as a museum piece."

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