New study reveals what music g...


New study reveals what music genre excites your pet the most

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

11:18 15 Mar 2023

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Dogs and cats have differing tastes when it comes to music, according to a new study. 

dog and cat

Ever wanted to know what genre of music your dog or cat takes a likening to?

Well, a new study has revealed that dogs go crazy for rock music, while cats prefer classical tunes.

According to the new research by Downes Music, 50 per cent of pets go crazy to certain genres of music.

37 per cent of dogs show excitement when classic rock is played to them.

In contrast, cats like to curl up when they hear the sound of orchestral music, or at least 31 per cent of them.

Hamsters are rap lovers at heart with 42 per cent reacting with excitement to rap music.

The excitement can be measured by anything from jumping up and down to tail-wagging or buzzing about the place.

The survey also discovered that the most popular choice of pet for a musician is a dog.

So if you're hoping to write a chart-topping hit - make sure to have your four-legged friend beside you.

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