Five recipe ideas for your Chr...


Five recipe ideas for your Christmas leftovers

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

04:55 1 Dec 2023

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Nothing beats Xmas dinner round 2 on St Stephens day..

Leftover Christmas Dinner Image via Pexels

Let's face it, a lot of households may go a *small bit* overboard when it comes to Christmas dinner portions.

This results in plenty of leftovers the following day, so here's a few recipe ideas to put them to use !

1. Turkey Curry


Have you made chicken curry before?

Well here's a festive twist on the traditional Asian dish.

Follow your OG curry recipe and swap the chicken for your turkey, perfect !


2. Christmas Soup


Look, we're not too sure about this one either, but TikTok user @ayni_home put together this recipe with her leftover Christmas veg..

Check out her recipe, it might be worth the try:


3.  Baked Ham Carbonara


This recipe comes courtesy of our very own news reader Áine Gillespie.

Italians look away now.

Replace the pancetta with your day old Christmas ham, and there you have it, festive carbonara !

4.  Xmas dinner tayto sandwich

  1. White or brown bread.
  2. Turkey, ham, sauces of your choice
  3. Stuffing- a must
  4. Tayto's

Just when you thought a crisp sandwich couldn't get any better- it has.

5. Christmas Pudding ice- cream

Always have to finish with something sweet !

Here's a quick and easy way to use up any leftover Christmas pudding, with this sweet ice cream recipe.

It's only three ingredients too !


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