Five things that happen in eve...


Five things that happen in every Irish household over the Christmas

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

04:12 1 Dec 2023

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These are just the things *you know* will happen in every Irish household..

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There are certain things you can predict that will happen during the festive season in the home.

From arguing, to hugging and everything in between, here's 5 things that will definitely happen in Irish homes this Christmas.

Starting off strong

1. The scrap with your mother over drinking the Christmas Fanta

Once you get caught taking from the Christmas sweet and drink stash there's no going back..

2. That one older cousin will announce their going travelling

Image via Pixabay

Off to Australia now like the rest of the Irish people aged 25 and over.

3. The last minute Christmas Eve shopping spree

The last minute shopping because you only had a whole month to sort your Christmas presents...

This is especially for the last minute fathers.

4. Someone will ruin Secret Santa

Happens Every. Single. Year.

5. They're will be war over monopoly

The banker will be accused of cheating.

I guarantee it.


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