Rents are rising quicker than...


Rents are rising quicker than people's incomes says housing charity

Jonathan Duane
Jonathan Duane

03:26 15 Feb 2024

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Average rent increased to €1,598.

rental scams. Image shows multiple 50 euro notes

Housing charity Threshold says rents are rising faster than increases in people's incomes.

This means the lives and aspirations of tenants are being put on hold.

Figures published by the Residential Tenancies Board show the average rent for new tenants has increased to €1,598.

John Mark McCafferty of Threshold says he's hopeful the recent review of the private rental market will lead to the formulation of a plan to protect renters.

He said: "The housing commissions and the department have been reviewing the private rental sector. I think it's important to see what kind of initiatives might come out of those pieces of work."

McCafferty said the department's research is vital in order to find out how to best protect tenancies over the coming years.

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